The first Europeans arriving in North America, based on evidence were Norse, travelling over from Greenland, where

   Erik the Red, started a settlement about 985 AD. In 1001 his son Leif is said to have explored the north east coast today  

   called Canada.

   Much later, the British arrived in the early 1600s to establish a colony but initially failed twice. Eventually they succeeded

   a third time, in 1607, to establish a colony.

   The first Sharrock, Sherrock, Shorrock, or Shurrock, to arrive in the USA isn’t as yet known, unless you know different.        

   However, in the USA census of 1840, the numbers of Sharrock were : Four in Ohio, and one Sharrock in each of the States

   of New York, New Jersey, Alabama, Illinois, & Louisiana. For Sherrock there was one in Ohio, and Shorrock just one New  

   Jersey. There were no Shurrock recorded in the census.

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