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         The Genealogial Proof Standard should be employed in all research, to ensure that all findings are as complete and

         correct as can be. There are five steps for each piece of evidence :-

        • Reasonably Exhaustive Research

        • Source Citations

        • Analysis

        • Conflict Resolution

        • Written Conclusions

 A few free records, but annual fee to look at all the U.K. Census Returns from 1841 to 1911 and

         all indexed and Searchable. Find My Past is perhaps better.
 The Births Marriages & Death Indexes of the Registrar General. Annual fee to pay, or per look… 

         viewer download will be needed to view the pages. 1841 to 1911. Census Returns also available.


         The dates on which the U.K.Census was taken:-

                                                                           1841     6 June         1881     3 April

                                                                           1851   30 March       1891    5 April

                                                                           1861     7 April          1901   31 March

                                                                           1871     2 April          1911     2 April


          Emergency Wartime Census for National

          Registration, so I.D.Cards could be issued ;-       29 September  1939


 Free BMD (Births, Marriages & Deaths) but its not yet complete. It is an  

          ongoing project and very well worth a look though. The date registers started from:-


                                                                                                1837  1  July         England & Wales

                                                                                                1855  1 January   Scotland

                                                                                                1845  1  April        Ireland (non-Roman Catholic Marriages)

                                                                                                1864  1  January  Ireland (all Births, Marriages, & Deaths)


  Federation of Family History Societies listing all F.H.S. Societies in U.K. and

           Ireland etc.


  Was the Public Record Office but now The National Archives. The site has links

           to Family History including all Censuses, plus Military records.


  The Mormon site all free and includes the free 1881 Census     

           plus many Parish Records from 1538 to mid 1800’s Billions of names and is an ongoing project, but many Parishes    

           complete. Covers Ireland as well, and also the rest of the World.


  Irish National Archives for Census Returns.


  Civil Registration records (BMD), earlier Marriages & Deaths to be added in due course.  

           (Northern Ireland marriages & Deaths prior to 1922 are included. Later N.Ireland records are pay per view at :-



                                                                                1864 – 1915 Births

                                                                                1882 – 1940 Marriages

                                                                                1891 – 1955 Deaths


           More recent Republic of Ireland records are at:



  Northern Ireland Record Office


  another Irish site


  yet another Irish site

  research burial and cremation records


           Other records to look at : Schools, Military, Medals, Railways, Immigration & Emmigration, via Shipping Lists, etc


           Lancashire Record Offices are at Manchester, Liverpool, Preston (whole of Lancashire), Wigan