The Lancashire County Constabulary Police Officer Database listing those who served in the force from its inception    

     from 1840 up to 1925.

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                   Sharrock (s)                                                                             Shorrock (s)


      William                SHARROCK                                                 Herbert                SHORROCK

      Henry                  SHARROCK                                                 Mark Ian               SHORROCK

      Frank                   SHARROCK                                                 Frederick             SHORROCK

      Brian Edward      SHARROCK                                                James                   SHORROCK

      Craig Duncan     SHARROCK                                                 Giles                     SHORROCK

      Anthony Dylan   SHARROCK                                                 Birrell McNeill      SHORROCK

      David William     SHARROCK                                                 Robert Charles    SHORROCK

      Christine             SHARROCK                                                 Giles                     SHORROCK

      Michael John     SHARROCKS                                               Peter James         SHORROCK

      Thomas              SHARROCKS                                               Richard James     SHORROCK

      George               SHARROCKS                                               Enid                      SHORROCK

                                                                                                       Roy Christopher   SHORROCK

                                                                                                       Thomas                 SHORROCK

                                                                                                       Robert Edward     SHORROCK

                                                                                                       Frederick              SHORROCK

                                                                                                       James Rumney    SHORROCK

                                                                                                       Fred                      SHORROCK