There are a number of references on the origin and meaning of the surname Sharrock / Shorrock :-


Surnames of the U.K.   (Vol. 2 Henry Harrison - Pub.1918).


SHARROCK / SHORROCK – Dweller at the Shorn Rock or Split Rock


A Dictionary of British Surnames.  (P.H.Reaney – Pub. 1958)


Richard de SHORROCK Subsidy Rolls, La 1332 From the Parish of Whalley

George SHARROCKE Pr. Gr. 1682 “ “ “


SHARROCK/SHORROCK From Shorrock Green (Lancs)


The Homes of Family Names.  (Guppy)


SHARROCK and SHORROCK - are Lancashire names possibly from Whalley

(which is close to Shorrock Green, near Preston),


Surnames.  (E. Weekley)


An early mention of a : Herbert de SCHIRHOC - 1199-1332 Fine Rolls.


Mellor in Blackburnshire - A short History with supplement   (by Richard Thomas Townley Coumsell - Pub. 1929)


Shorrock of Shorrock Green - The family of Shorrock or Shorok is mentioned at a very early date. Their original home appears to have been in the neighbourhood of Woodfold, where old maps and records give, not only Shorrock Hey and Shorrock Hey Fold, but also "Old Shorrock" and "Shorrock Green".


The Visitations of Cornwall: comprising the Heralds' Visitations of 1530, 1573 & 1620  

(with additions by J. L. Vivian, Pub. 1887)

A pedigree in the 1620 Heralds Visitation of Cornwall, showing the descendants of a ........ Shorrock, the Great Gandfather of John Sharrock of Tregon-John, a farm in the Parish of Creed, Cornwall. The hamlet of Creed is about mid-way between St Austell and Truro.



The family of Shorrock appear here at an early date. William and Henry, sons of Roger de Shorok, occur about 1300. Richard de Shorrok was one of the largest contributors to the subsidy of 1332. William his son was a freeholder here in 1336. John de Shorrok contributed to the poll tax of 1379; and his son and heir William was in possession of 'Old Shorock' in Mellor in 1411. Geoffrey Shorock made his will before witnesses in 1459. For a long period the descent of the estate cannot be traced, but ultimately it passed to the family of Clayton of Blackburn.

Shorrock Hey Farm.jpg


1848 Shorrock Farms.jpg



     Shorrock Farms about 2 1/2 

         miles west of Blackburn


 Shorrock Hey Fold on maps today

     is Lower Shorrock Hey Farm


        Shorrock Hey is shown as

      Middle Shorrock Hey Farm