This One Name Study has an accompanying Surname DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA. The DNA project   

                   welcomes anyone with an interest their genetic connection with SHARROCK / SHORROCK surnames, or

                   their variants. If possible, all interested are encouraged to facilitate Ydna testing of at least two male

                   members of their family to determine their haplogroup and reveal any matches to other Sharrock / Shorrock    


                                           A link to the preferred Ydna testing lab FamilyTreeDNA is here at : -



                 The following is an tiny extract of work done and organised by Keith Shorrocks Johnson


                                                ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS OF THE SHORROCK (S) / SHARROCK SURNAME STUDY

                   General  -  Ydna is specific to males. This means that it is ideally matched to surnames, which also generally pass

                 from male to male.  Your ydna is a ‘bar-code’ that checks you out at the genetic supermarket till. It can tell whether

                 you are standard baked beans or spicy baked beans. It can also tell whether you are Tesco or Heinz. If the 12-marker

                 test ‘bar-code’ is used, it will not have as much power to differentiate as a 25-marker test. The following ‘genetic 

                 distances’ can be used to determine how far you are related to another can of beans,


                 Results  -  David Sharrock scores 7/12 and 16/25 with Ken, John and Keith. However, David scores higher values of

                 10/12 and 18/25 with the McLeod Haplotype. He also scores 11/12 with a Johnston selected from the Johnson/Johnston

                 /Johnstone Surname Study. The results make it very unlikely that David is directly related to Ken, John and Keith.

                 David’s results place him close to the Friesian Modal Haplotype as he shows DYS390=23 and DYS391=11).

                  Comparison for Larry Sharrock – likely Norse origin.It is not even necessary to count the matches for Larry as he

                  belongs to a completely different haplogroup – that is I1. Larry is not directly related to the other members of the Study

                  Group, all of whom probably descend from the early settlers of the British Isles (the ‘Atlantic’ variant of the R1b

                  haplogroup).  By contrast, Larry appears to source his ydna from Scandanavian and North  German invaders'


                  In summary, (for comparative purposes) Ken, John and Keith are Tesco standard baked beans. David Sharrock is

                  Tesco brand but he is of the spicy variety. Larry by contrast is a Heinz original.